Archive of Prepping Documents
All information here is for entertainment purposes and be "done at your own risk". We have tried to give credit where it is due on the origins of these document, but all documents were taken from online sources and taken as open-source media. Any questions or comments please email info@apiiination.com

Food & Water
-Long Term Water Storage Guide by Michael Levanduski

Survival Medical
-Easy Home Cures For 15 Types Of Pain by Theresa Crouse

-Powerful Herbs That Fight Viruses Where Antibiotics Fail by Randy Brittell
-Emergency Meds: How YOU Can Use Veterinary Drugs In A Crisis Written by: Steve Nubie Copyright Off The Grid News

Alternative Power
-Learn how to build an off-grid generating system to produce electricity in any situation by: Daniel Barker

Misc. Documents
-21 Surprising Items You’ll Need When The Grid’s Down Written by: Rich M Copyright Off The Grid News


3' X 5' Perma-Nyl Colorfast American Flag
from: AmericanFlags.com

Lightweight Poly Gadsden Flag
from: AmericanFlags.com

Polyester Confederate Flags
from: AmericanFlags.com

PCSD Custom Decals, Patches, and More

299 Days Book Series

Airborne Ron's Paracord